Already with a Fringe First 2010 under their belts, BareBack Theatre brings a grim, but realistic drama to the stage about low-lives, illegal fighting and greed. The strong cast is flawless, several performers portraying a number of different characters, always with integrity. The gritty story unfolds with the utmost realism, never glossing over any subject matter that might make the audience uneasy. But this is not done just to shock, but to best serve the narrative.
The script is tightly constructed, and every character beautifully crafted. Even if they are on stage for less than five minutes, each character has a backstory and a sense of direction. And the play never lets down the tension built from the first moment, keeping the audience hooked at all times.
With a sparse stage and minimal props, the actors vividly recreate the world they inhabit, and make it come to life. Seedy clubs, sweaty gyms and crooked police stations are all excellently realised, not with visuals but with the actors’ performances.
Bare is a great production that will stay ingrained in your minds long after you leave the show, finding new layers to the storyline as you think back on in days to come.

4/5 stars