The List

Hard hitting drama

Gritty, violent theatre set in the world of bare-knuckle boxing from BareBack Theatre. The sharp writing and fantastically choreographed fight scenes wouldn’t have half the impact without the strong central performances, from writer/director Renny Krupinski … Read more...


The Stage
Written, produced, directed, choreographed by and starring the same person, is often a warning flag for fringe shows, but in the case of Renny Krupinski’s Bare the combination is legitimate, the product of a writer who knows exactly … Read more...


The Scotsman
“Beggars can’t be choosers – as soon as they become choosers they’re beggars again,” the silver-tongued Arden tells his boxing protégé Rick Skinner. Unfortunately, following this advice sets family man and reluctant fighter Skinner off on a journey … Read more...

Lady Macbeth Rewrites the Rulebook

Ian C. Mercer
Lady Macbeth rewrites the rulebook by Broads with swords theatre company is a clever remixing of Shakespeare with a touch of Buffy and Tomb Raider.

Set in the 23rd Century, it sees Amazonian ex-Cyberkiller Tara Loft (wonder … Read more...

Lady Macbeth Rewrites the Rule Book

The Scotsman
Creator Renny Krupinski is a leading UK stage-fight master and has dubbed his young cast “Broads with Swords”. Keeping the daggers, fists and feet flying, his show is part old-school Footlights revue, part Red Dwarf. The choreography is … Read more...